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A Unique Electronic Folk-Indie Rock Duo’s Underrated Debut Album

Sadnecessary (2013) - Milky Chance Just under an hour total, this album is a long wave carrying your soul through dimensions of reverb, sweet pickups and a sweet serenade of rugged, mumbled vocals make this album ring and haunt your... Continue Reading →

Garage Punk Group Adds Refreshing Splash to Genre.

SinSinSin (2011) - Le Butcherettes Inspired by artists like Bikini Kill, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and The Melvinss, Le Butcherettes is a real treat. Summed up as a female fronted garage punk rock band, these guys and gal step hard... Continue Reading →

A Defining Album For Post Punk and Modern Rock.

Marquee Moon (1977)  - Television This album is a staple 1970's rock album. Overshadowed by other bands during the time like Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones, Marquee Moon boasts a flowing 8 track set, highlighted by title track Marquee Moon. Fluid throughout,... Continue Reading →

A Pop-punk Whirlwind From Karen O and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Show Your Bones (2006) - Yeah Yeah Yeah's With the success of their first release in 2003 with Fever to Tell, the Yeah Yeah Years had the opportunity to follow up with a curated sound meant to represent the artists soul... Continue Reading →

Hard-hitting Indie Rock From Energetic English Rockers.

Favourite Worst Nightmare (2007) - Arctic Monkeys If your favorite elements of rock include powerful guitar, bass and drums paired perfectly behind British vocals, this album will be a real treat. From start to finish, this album is fire. If... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Folk-Americanna Embodied in The Lumineers.

Cleopatra (2016) - The Lumineers There's something amazing about Denver folk-rockers The Lumineers. A lot of things, actually. Let me tell you exactly what. The band formed in 2009 and were a smash by 2011, but they have been actively... Continue Reading →

Lungs is a Gentle Breath of Air For Your Ears

Lungs (2009) - Florence & the Machine Florence Welch, whether you know who she is or not, is undeniably an astonishing vocalist. Smash hit and commercially praised track Dog Days Are Over is a perfect feel for what the continuation... Continue Reading →

Surfer Rosa v Doolittle: The Battle of Two Kickass Albums

Which Pixies album is tops? Boston based alt-rock superlatives The Pixies have a strong hold on New Englander's and have been a delight to the well tuned ear for nearly 30 years. I remember back before I knew anything about... Continue Reading →

Modern Baseball Returns to Haunt Your Dreams With More Pop-Punk Nostalgia.

Holy Ghost  (2016) - Modern Baseball Just under 30 minutes total, Holy Ghost is a fantastic pop punk album. For fans of Modern Baseballs previous works, this is a bit grungier, darker and louder, which are all great characteristics for... Continue Reading →

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